Blogging and Sports

One of my main reasons for blogging is my love for sports. I grew up watching sports. Every chance i got, i was sitting on the couch next to my grandfather watching the current baseball or football game, be it college or professional. I think that’s one thing that brought us together, my grandfather and I. He taught me how to love sports.

I also love to write, so you’ll have to excuse me if from time to time, my blog entries aren’t directly relating to sports. This entry however will be a bit different from the rest, but I’ll try to relate it to sports as best as i can.

Athletes love what they do, or they love the money they make from doing what they do. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Another thing these guys and gals love is the attention and support they receive from their fans. Some of the fans out there go as far as worshiping or idolizing an athlete. I’m not gonna say they’re wrong for doing so, but going to that extent is just a tad bit unhealthy. Regardless, these athletes are respected and held in high regard. Bloggers are very closely related in this aspect. We write our entries and update our blogs because we love what we’re doing or we love the money that we make from it. I personally don’t intend on monetizing my blog any time soon. I just write because I LOVE sports and writing.

With that said, I also love to hear what my readers think about what I write.
The only way I can know what you think about my blog is if you comment. Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m doing here. I’m not begging for comments, I’m more or less asking for your opinions. This way i know what you find interesting, and what you don’t find interesting.

So, please, after reading an entry, comment on it. Let me know what you think. Do you agree with what I’m talking about, or disagree? Better yet, do you think you know a little more about what I’m blogging about, feel free to share what you know if you have something to add. I love suggestions.


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