How Could Godzilla Possibly Be Real?

Whilst searching the blog-o-sphere for something to brighten my day I came across two blog posts. One is a blog that I’ve gone to from time to time because she makes me laugh and she makes me think. The other was a “Freshly Pressed” blog post. Safe Digression has listed, in their opinion, the Best Songs of 2010 (Half Way Point). But I digress.

Today I woke up, Reese wasn’t in bed next to me. I checked the time, it was 9:40am. I thought to myself, okay, maybe she went to the bathroom or something. So, I go to the bathroom, part of my morning routine anyway, and she’s not there. I make my way to the living room and there she is, sitting at the computer chair, staring at the screen. I know, “No big deal,” you’re thinking. Which it wouldn’t have been if she wasn’t going through the internet history(which she does from time to time to see what I’ve been up to). I said, “Hey babe.” She immediately closed the window faster than I might have been able to. “What was that?” I asked. She responded, “What was what?”, all while acting innocent. I shrugged my shoulders and let it pass, I didn’t feel like brewing up an argument.

Later, after dropping her off at work, I come home, check the mail and find our electric bill. I take a look, just out of curiosity because normally I don’t handle the bills, Reese does. The current bill was only $107 or something like that. Not horrible I guess. The earlier balance, however, was well over 500 dollars. Now, I know we’ve only been paying part of the bill for a few months because of her brother living with us and us having to cut out some spending here and there(we needed food), but I didn’t realize that it was that much. I’m thinking to myself at this point, “If I would’ve known we were behind on the bills this much we wouldn’t have gone out to eat twice this week or bought some toys for the dog-to-come.  Even though I’ve already come up with a solution, I still couldn’t help but feel kinda upset about all of this.

Let’s take things back to the present before I get all down-in-the-dumps again.

After listening to a few songs on Safe Digression’s list, I began to feel alright again. I finally got the urge to post a new entry again; however, I became distracted by a recent post from Unabridged Girl titled Here a Blog, There a Blog, Everywhere a Blog Blog. She talks about why people might blog and then goes into explaining why she blogs.  She states,

“…I entered the world of online journaling as a caustic, dismal teenager. You know, the usual I hate life, life sucks, stoopid life, my life is rotten…”

but then goes on to state her reason for blogging today,

“These days I blog to improve my writing, release stress, and to remind myself (and maybe others?) that life is not completely stoopid…”

This is very similar to the reasons why I blog. As I continued reading though, I found the part which I relate to most,

“…..It is not easy to combat the many years of negativity which I let seep into the corners of my heart. Every day is a battle, (some easier than others).”

This brings me to why I blog. Much like Unabridged Girl, and many others, my teen years were chock-full of angst. From heart breaks, to crushes, to losing my grandfather, to feeling like I just didn’t fit in. I wrote poetry for a while, but that only helped to a certain extent. I craved attention. My parents always worked, most of my friends had significant others, and the others played sports. So I blogged. I started with Xanga, moved to Dead Journal, found out about Blogger, and then I stopped. I kind of wish I still remembered my user names to some of these that way I could dig into the state of mind I once had. The reason I stopped blogging was because I found attention. I met Reese. I was 17 with no purpose or direction. She helped me find my way.

For 7 years I didn’t keep up with writing, although I wish I had. I just didn’t have a reason to write anymore. I shared all of my thoughts and feelings with my one true love. “What’s so different now?” you ask. I have a new purpose for writing: to be heard, to share thoughts, and to just communicate with others. In the busy life I now lead, I find it hard to keep up with friends.  Since I’ve started going back to school while working full-time, I don’t have the free time that I used to, fresh out of high school. There are a few friends that I keep in contact with and still hang out with, but my busy schedule doesn’t permit much else. Especially since all of my friends work different schedules and it’s hard to get people together.

This brings me to Word Press. Here I can meet all types of new people who have the same types of views and beliefs with some having different ones as well. The best part is, we don’t have to be online at the same time. We post when it is convenient for us and catch up with others when we have the time. It is totally ideal for the working mother, the undergrad student, or the workaholic. I think this is also why I own an iPhone. It helps me stay in touch with my online friends and those IRL. And for those of you who don’t own an iPhone, and maybe those of you who own one might not know this, but the iPhone knows Godzilla. I go to type in the word godzilla to a friend and all of a sudden BLAM!! It becomes auto-capitalized. Could this be proof that Godzilla was real at one point or another?

15 Responses to “How Could Godzilla Possibly Be Real?”
  1. unabridgedgirl says:

    Wonderful post! You always write so well. 🙂 And I am glad someone can relate to my feelings. Thank you!

    • TonyVote says:

      awe, thank you! i just write and it flows….i guess this is why i should write more often. It is nice when someone can relate. I think that is why all of us blog. We constantly strive for someone to relate to. I know i do. It helps us cope sometimes.

  2. The Godzilla post…nice!

  3. mct88 says:

    yes, the more i blog and read other blogs. i’m so glad i started on this blog “hype” although for me it’s not a hype its an actual hobby, maybe even a way of life for me.

    where i can type out my thoughts and enable to interact with others who think the same way, help me think differently, and even help me through the process.

    • TonyVote says:

      I absolutely agree. So much of all of this is a growing process. I love feedback just as much as the next person. Especially when it can turn into a great conversation.

  4. Mike Boozer says:

    Like the post, nice site

    -Mike Boozer,

  5. sittingpugs says:

    Perhaps you should start practicing the rare talent of reading someone’s thoughts when they wish they could tell you something but are choosing not to because A. they think you should already know or B. they’re not sure how you’ll react so they’re keeping it to themselves.

    Or for future, ” __ insert pet name if applicable __ , just let me know when I need to pay attention to my water or electricity use. I don’t mind going to the local apple store/kinkos-fedex/university library to do leisure net surfing. And yes, I’ll clear cache and cookies and history and not save any passwords.”

    How about a lunchtime poll: how many (heterosexual) couples do you know of where the female half is in charge of paying the bills? Is it because they enjoy it or because the male half is more forgetful and lets bills (electronic or paper) sit in a pile until the last minute?

    PS. I added you to my Blog Croissant (I noticed you added me to your Roll).

    • TonyVote says:

      See, I wasn’t so much mad, as I was surprised. It wasn’t that we forgot to pay there were just a few times where we couldn’t pay. We got raped by our bank. As mike boozer so nicely put it in his recent post. There was other bills that had to come first. It’s okay though because with the wedding coming up, we’re almost positive that my parents are giving us a good amount of money as a gift.

      And thanks for reciprocating and adding me to your blog “croissant”. I like that terminology for it. Very unique!

  6. sarahnsh says:

    I feel like blogging is a great way to express yourself and uncover reasons why you may be feeling the way you feel, or just come across other people who may go through something that is like what you’re going through… it’s that connection you can get even though you never met this person before.

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