Regarding SB1070 and My Misunderstandings

So, after the comments I’ve received regarding my post/rant the other day, I realized that I was a bit misinformed. Maybe it isn’t quite racial profiling like it had seemed to me. Not officially at least. However, I wont back down from my notion that the racial profiling will occur.

MCT88 said in her comment:

“when the federal government does not fulfill its duties to protect its nations borders the states do have the right to construct their own laws.”

You’re absolutely right. The State should do this if the Feds aren’t getting the job done. What I don’t like though, is the self-proclaimed “Minutemen” who will camp at the border with guns. Most of the time, these guys are retired war veterans with nothing else better to do than try to pretend they’re still in Active Duty. I read something recently about how an illegal immigrant attacked one of these “Minutemen.” There was probably a reason for it. They probably were threatened or felt threatened. I’m sure these “watchers” will probably provoke the Hispanic’s coming over the border.

Hamlette2002 also commented and said:

Illegal immigrants work here, then send the money they earn back to their families, paying no taxes to support our social services, and not spending the money in the US, thereby deflating the economy and driving up inflation.

And you’re right as well, it’s one thing I dislike. We should have higher standards when it comes to our money and the way we give it out.

7 Responses to “Regarding SB1070 and My Misunderstandings”
  1. mct88 says:

    Tony, sadly racial profiling will occur but it happens all the time does it not? Humans are unable to see people/souls/feelings, etc. They see color. They see you’re different from them. Others see it as a welcome sight and others see it as a threat.

    Just because there is the possibility of (and more than likely will be) racial profiling is the state required to back down from its duty to protect its’ citizens? Would you rather as a citizen be asked for proper identification or would you rather not be asked at all?

    All in all, what is your view on immigration and how should illegal immigrants be handled?

    • TonyVote says:

      You’re right, I would much rather have the security that we have today. You never know what kind of people sneak in.

      I believe that immigrants should be sent back to where they came from on first offense, upon trying to come over again, fine them and throw them in jail.

  2. hamlette2002 says:

    Here’s an idea – if we invite Mexico to merge with the US, then the issue is solved, right? People have proclaimed that we’ll get the added expense of bringing things up to snuff (buildings up to code, education, welfare, water quality, etc.), but how much would it save in the long run? And then we won’t have such a big border to defend down south!

  3. “Illegal immigrants work here, then send the money they earn back to their families, paying no taxes to support our social services” . . . most of which these people don’t have access to because they’re in your country illegally? I’m not going to pretend I know what the immigration situation is like in the US, but in Britain if you’re an ILLEGAL immigrant you don’t have access to benefits, social housing or most public services, including most of the National Health Service – which is a big deal considering many work on construction sites. Also, I think that before we berate illegals for not paying taxes, we should ensure that all our fellow citizens are not avoiding/evading taxes.

    ” . . . not spending the money in the US, thereby deflating the economy and driving up inflation.” If they weren’t in the US in the first place (which I think is the situation you’d rather have, and that is in no way a criticism) they wouldn’t be spending the money either. Also, it is not entirely true to say that they contribute nothing: they have to live somehow, and that is not free. They also provide services from which the US benefits.

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