Say Goodbye to #1, Because Soon There Will Be Two

The final countdown has begun. There are 3 days until one of my 30 Before 30 tasks are complete.

#1 to be exact: Get Married. That’s right, I will no longer be available to all of you wonderful ladies as of 4pm Saturday afternoon. Reese and I have been together for close to 6 years. We’ve known each other for 7 years. We’ve had our share of up’s and down’s, but through thick and thin, we love each other dearly. I’m so incredibly happy to have found a woman to make my wife.

Marriage is a funny thing. People get married every day, some don’t last longer than a day.

An average couple now has a 57% chance of seeing their 15th wedding anniversary.

Read more: Time

So, with that said, the article also goes on to talk about the various factors that can bring the divorce percentage higher, or lower. Here are a few key factors and things to think about when determining whether the marriage will last. Bold Statements are according to Time.

  • Both people involved are at least 25 years of age. Now this makes sense, because as you get older, you become a little wiser, and know a little more about life in general.
  • They’ve lived together for at least six months prior to the wedding, in order to test the waters. Lots of people tell me that if you move in after you’re married, you’re likely to find out lots of things about the other person you might have never known.
  • Has either of them been married before? This is a risk that I don’t think matters much. What if the marriage didn’t last because of the other person’s flaws?
  • Money. Time Magazine says that couples who earn at least $50k have a healthier relationship. I could understand this one the most. Having to worry about money and the struggles that come along with not making enough can definitely put a burden on the relationship as well. Although, marriages where both were wealthy can end over other reasons too.
  • Are Either of the couple’s parents divorced? Hmm, well, my parents are still together, but Reese’s parents got divorced about 3 or 4 years ago. I don’t think this will impact us though, since Reese and I both knew why they were getting divorced and what they were fighting over. I feel we can learn from that and not make those same mistakes.

While Reese and I aren’t 25(although I am 24), we don’t make $50k a year(I’m currently going to school to enable me to make that much),  neither of us has been married before….We have lived together for over a year. For the past 2 years, in fact, it’s almost been like we were already married. We have come to the point in our relationship that we want to make it permanent. We see ourselves with each other progressing through life, for the rest of our lives. We love each other dearly most of the time(I kid, I kid, we do have our fights though…) I honestly believe that this is a marriage that will work as long as we work at it. If both of us want this marriage to work, nothing can get in our ways.

6 Responses to “Say Goodbye to #1, Because Soon There Will Be Two”
  1. I learned so much from my living with my ex. Stuff I shouldn’t have had to “learn.”

    So I think living together is a good idea.

    But I also think there’s something new and fun about learning about the other person’s little quirks after marriage.

    Interesting points!

  2. sarahnsh says:

    I definitely think living with someone is a good idea. Especially since someone who has lived alone for a long time may not know how to ‘live’ with someone else. They don’t know how to share stuff, or so themselves as more than #1.

    I think there is always more to learn about someone even if you’ve been with them for a long time. There’s always more to discover especially since people are changing all the time too. I used to hate working with people, now that’s all I do.

    Anyways, I agree, interesting post!

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