Red-Rock Mountain part 1(draft)

On a cold, stormy night, 5 friends got together with hopes of enjoying a fun-filled weekend together in Austin’s parents’ log cabin up in the mountains. Jazz brought the booze, Charlene brought all of her mix tapes and her boom box. The other 3 were in charge of food, pillows and blankets, not that they really needed the pillows or blankets, after all, they would most likely be partying and then sleeping wherever they had passed out. They had 3 days all to themselves. No work, school, or parents to worry about. This was definitely going to be an eventful weekend, to say the least.

Austin had known Jazz since they were in elementary school. They tried the whole dating thing, but Jazz felt they were better as friends and didn’t want to ruin their great friendship, so that didn’t last too long. Austin, however, like most stories go, still had feelings for her, but didn’t let them get the best of him. He enjoyed her companionship most of all, so if they had to limit it to friendship, then so be it, he thought. Jazz, on the other hand had developed an interest in Bobby Ray throughout high school, but never had the nerve to make anything of it since they had lived in the same apartment building. It was one messy love triangle that never seemed to work itself out.

Bobby Ray was the strong, athletic type who played just about every sport he could. He was the starting wide receiver for the Varsity football team, the leading scorer in basketball and the baseball team’s best left-handed pitcher. He had just about everything Austin did not. It didn’t hurt that his parents owned their own car dealership in town, Lexington Autos. Bobby Ray was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed teen of every girl’s dream. Austin had shaggy brown hair with black eyes and a medium, slightly stocky build. Even though Austin envied Bobby Ray, they had been friends since freshmen year so there was no resentment.

So, this is just a draft of a story I am beginning to write. I figured I would post it for some constructive criticism and your thoughts. Let me know what you think. It’s just a bit of character development so far.


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