King Kong was Misunderstood

Emotions are raging high in this place I call home. Times can get hectic and sometimes when things are hectic the only remedy is Time. So here’s a little somethin I wrote. I’ll be back with my wit ASAP.

Emotions are much like chameleons
constantly masking their true colors.
How can we find the true meaning
if it’s never exposed to the light.
Emotions can be
mixed to the point
that we believe we know
but it may indicate
something totally different.

You really think King Kong was angry?
Yeah, he was
but heartbroken as well.
This girl he picks up
she’s beautiful
(that he does not know)
She kicks
screams like a cat
when you pull it’s tail
cries like a new born
gasping for air.
The might Kong gets scared
he roars
on-lookers get scared
they scream
Police start to shoot
and over what…fear?

One Response to “King Kong was Misunderstood”
  1. Penny says:

    Great job! Great comparisons. 🙂

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