Finding My Niche

It has come to my attention that I am unsure of my purpose here in the blogosphere. I love to write. It’s just that I don’t know what I love to write about. I need to find my niche. I need to have a purpose for blogging. I feel that I may need to take time away from this blog to find that purpose. Or, maybe I can find that purpose though blogging.

After crawling through the many web pages I found on “niches” and “finding your niche”, I’ve come to realize that I don’t know what my niche is. Everyone basically said the same thing: to find your niche, figure out your passion. Make sure that passion isn’t too broad or too specific, especially if you want readers to choose your blog over the million others out there.

So, i am sitting here writing down the things that I enjoy and that I am passionate about. I love sports, especially football. I love watching t.v. shows and movies. I love writing. I love to communicate with others (who doesn’t). I really enjoy debating some current events every now and then as well.

Now, this started off as a personal growth blog, which is what I thought my niche might be, but I hate keeping things that specific. I could see myself having a blog about “Fantasy Football”, but what would I blog about in the off-season. There’s always blogging about blog growth, I guess there’s an audience like me out there that’s interested in learning how to be a better blogger.

These self-proclaimed “niche experts” also tout that your niche should be not only something you are passionate about but something you are knowledgable about or are pursuing knowledge in. [Side Note: the word knowledge is a funny one to write, don’t you think?] That being said, I believe myself to be pretty knowledgable and wanting to attain more knowledge of relationship issues. I know what I’m talking about when it comes to football. I also really want to know more about what it takes to write a good blog and keep the readers(and comments) coming back.

I don’t know if I’ll be sticking with this blog, or if I’ll be starting fresh with a whole new blog. Either way, I’ll be sure to let you know. A few things that I want to know first though.

After reading this post, assuming that if you’ve made it this far you didn’t just skip to the end, what do YOU think my niche should be? Also, how do you feel about combining several niches into one blog?

4 Responses to “Finding My Niche”
  1. mct88 says:

    I did read til the end of the post 😉

    In all honesty, I’ve thought about this “niche” as well but my brain is always all over the place and although my blog started off to document my bucket list it really is just documenting my life, thoughts, etc.

    I find it hard to stick to one thing because I”m so opinionated.

    I love everything you write about and it’s good. Do you really need a niche to blog?! Who says you can’t have several niches?! GO FOR IT! 🙂

    Not that anything I said helped or whatever 😉

    • TonyVote says:

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. It really does mean a lot. I think you’re right, who says a blog has to have just one niche? I shall return tomorrow with my next post.

      PS. I’m glad you love everything I write about. It’s people like you who help the people like me, find themselves when they feel they are lost. And for that, I am very grateful.

  2. I’m fairly new to blogging. I started, I stopped. I started again & stopped again. It wasnt until I figured out my “niches” that I’ve been blogging more regularly. I (what little I know) would recommend having more than one niche. What if you run out of things to say on one, you can write on something else. I have a few specific categories and one (my “ramblings & adventures) to cover things that don’t fall into one of the categories. That doesn’t tie me down to just one or 2 things specifically but gives me freedom to write about whatever I feel like I want to write about, case in point the post that brought you to my blog which brought me to your blog.

    I actually want to add a few more categories to my blog as time goes on but am finding it hard, with a regular job, to find the time right now, so it can wait.
    So maybe make a list of things you’d like to write about, and then what categories you’d put them under and go from there. I hope you find your inspiration!

    • TonyVote says:

      “So maybe make a list of things you’d like to write about, and then what categories you’d put them under and go from there. I hope you find your inspiration!”

      This is actually what I did. I’m not going to delete the other categories I’ve foolishly created, I’m just gonna try and keep my posts on topic and on my main few categories. Once in a while i’m going to post an Off-topic post or two. No one will hate me for it I’m sure.

      Thanks for your comment. sorry i didn’t respond sooner. Like you said, working a regular job, and for me going to school as well. It’s a little hard to keep up with blogs and comments.

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