A New Addition!

At the spur of the moment, Reese and I decided to go and get a puppy. We fell in love with a black and white Pomeranian. She is so adorable. With this said, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t post as often or as routinely. I’ve got another routine to worry about. The doggy’s potty training routine. If anyone has any advice on what has worked for them in the past, please, let me know!

Our sweet little Isabel turned 10 weeks old today and she is getting into everything. I’ll have more pictures as the time goes on but here are a few to hold you off.

7 Responses to “A New Addition!”
  1. Heart says:

    Tony! You got me there.. Ha ha.. I read the title and I was all smiles until I got here.. You are interested in little babies and kids and were sympathetic to little girls and their parents’ choice of costumes, (btw, all I can say to those parents and coaches is “tsk tsk tsk”) so I was under the assumption that clicking here will show me pictures of a baby.. Of course, I am happy for this 10 week old “baby” too.. I am sure she is grateful to be at your sweet and caring home.. And yes, if you are MIA, I will figure you are diaper changing.. He he..

    • TonyVote says:

      Rachana, that was my whole point! haha. We’ve almost got the whole house training thing down pat. she goes on the wee wee pad almost every time, except for number 2. I still find myself stepping in doggy doo when I wake up in the morning and walk through the hallway. good thing she’s a small dog.

  2. TonyVote says:

    Thank you for the “cute” comments. She’s almost like a child. She’s cute, adorable and lovable, as long as you’re not the one raising her. LOL, i kid i kid. I love my Isabel to death. She’s always adorable no matter what she does.

  3. weight says:

    i can has cheeseburger?

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