NFL 2010: Week 5 News

Wow, what a start to week 5. I’m sure most of you have heard of the trade involving wide receiver Randy Moss. This trade is huge because the Minnesota Vikings now become Super Bowl contenders. Randy Moss is one the best receivers in the NFL without a doubt. Move him to a team that has an equally strong QB and a solid run game, this my friend, is an equation for success. For all you fantasy footballers, if you own Randy Moss, I’d suggest sitting him this week unless you have no other option. The Vike’s play the Jets this week and Darrell Revis is one man who is hard to get by.

Let’s leave Moss-land and enter Philadelphia shall we.(After all, I’m a die-hard Philly fan.) Michael Vick went down late in the first quarter with what ended up being a Rib Injury. Earlier this week they ruled him out of this Sunday’s game against San Fransisco but now we’re hearing that it could be 1-3 weeks. This is good and bad at the same time, especially if you’re a Vick Hater. The Good: No NFL team has one a championship with a running QB. Not Kordell Stuart, not Donovan McNabb(as we all know and hate this fact), not even Randall Cunningham. What makes Vick any different from them? It’s not like Vick did great with the Atlanta Falcons. The Bad: Philadelphia may not win that many games this season. At least it gives Kevin Kolb a chance to learn from his mistakes. After all, wasn’t he the starter when the season opened up?

One Response to “NFL 2010: Week 5 News”
  1. sittingpugs says:

    What I love about athletes playing for different teams is that no matter how idiotic or brilliant the move, game-time will always be exciting. On the other hand, when actors are changed in TV shows or film franchises, it’s much, much harder to give the new guy a chance. Sometimes the wrong casting choice ruins everything.

    Of course, playing roster musical chairs can as well, but the consequences of that kind of change is still far more entertaining.

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