Kevin Kolb’s Possible Resurgence, Utley Joins “Jeter School of Acting”

Not many people in Philadelphia are ready to give Kevin Kolb another shot. Philadelphia is notorious for wanting the back-up QB as their starter. Take the situation with Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia a few years back. McNabb wasn’t performing that well which made fans want the Eagles to play Garcia. They got their wish. McNabb got hurt, so Garcia was put in for the rest of the season. Playoffs roll around and McNabb is better. I know of many fans that were a little distraught about Philadelphia returning McNabb as the starter. The same thing is happening again, but it’s just earlier in the season. I feel, that if we give Kolb a chance, he should find his “stuff” so to speak. He’s got time for that while playing against the winless San Fransisco 49ers this week. For more information on the upcoming Eagles vs 49ers game, click here.

It was the bottom of the 7th and there were two strikes against Chase Utley, the pitch comes inside and high, and looks like it hits his hand. The umpire calls it a Hit by Pitch. After watching the replay, you can clearly see that Utley did not get hit by the ball. Even as Utley was jogging toward first base you could see that he wasn’t in any sort of pain. I think you would be holding your hand for a little longer had it just gotten hit by a 101mph fastball. Regardless, it was definitely the errors that took place in right field by Jay Bruce that sparked the Phillies 7th inning comeback. If Utley were not on base the score would have only been 4-4 instead of 5-4, which would’ve led to the Phillies winning the game 6-4 instead of 7-4. Now, I’m not taking anything away from Chase Utley whatsoever, nor am I taking anything away from Derek Jeter when he faked a Hit by Pitch back in the regular season to which he later associated with the “vibrations in the bat”, all I’m saying is that both athletes are pretty good actors, as are many of the professional athletes these days. For more information on Game 2 of the NLDS between Philadelphia and Cincinnati, click here.

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