NLDS 2010: Philly and Cincy Mayors Wager on the Series

Last night around 7, the wife and I realized that we had no clean clothes left for the week to come. So, we took a ride over to the self-serve laundromat that stays open late. We through the clothes into a few washers and grabbed a bite to eat. There was a little Italian restaurant next to the place, so we decided to eat there. For those curious minds out there, we split a large Ham and Mushroom Calzone. It was pretty tasty, but not the best I’ve ever had. Anyway, afterwards I went to the car to grab my cigarettes.(Yes, I smoke. I know, “Bad Tony!”)

Upon returning from the car there was a guy sitting on the curb along the side of the strip mall, playing his guitar and singing. He looked like your typical southern rocker with a full beard and long hair. I introduced myself after the first song, and asked where he was from. “New Orléans”, he said. WOW. I proceeded to ask him in the nicest way possible, “What brings you out to Jersey??” He said he was in a band called Mad Mike and the something or others, his name was Mad Mike. They played at Renaissance Fairs across the country. He met up with a girl in Tuxedo, NY and became homeless since and has been hitch-hiking his way back home. I felt really bad for the guy, so I sat and listened to a few more songs. He had plenty of talent, so after he was done, I donated a few cigarettes to him, since I didn’t have any cash on me.

This leads me to a story I found. Mayor Mark Mallory of Cincinnati and Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia have placed a wager on the NLDS. The winning team will receive 2,000 books and the losing team will receive 1,000 books from First Book, a Washington D.C. based charity which provides books to kids without access to reading material. Rob Maaddi over at the Alternative Press recently covered the story. Check it out.


Jay Bruce misses the ball in Game 2 of NLDS


Fun Fact: The Phillies had the best record in the MLB (97-65) for the first time in history.

The odds of Cincinnati defeating Philadelphia and winning the series,at this point, are probably slim to none. The odds that the Reds even made the playoffs were slim to none, back at the beginning of the season. While I’m surprised the Cincinnati Reds made it, I am glad. Throughout the regular season, I’ve developed this liking for Joey Votto. He’s such a great player. The team has done what it had to do. They made an impression. Once in a while a team needs to show everyone that they’re no joke. Maybe Pittsburgh Pirates should start doing that. Although, when mistakes, such as Jay Bruce’s error in th 7th of NLDS Game 2, occur you start to get a little worried.

Have you ever donated to charity, or donated your services to a charity?

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