Hamels Crushes the Reds’ Hopes

Last night I came to a bit of a predicament. Game 3 of the NLDS was on at 8:05pm and Sunday Night Football came on at 8:20pm. But my decision was made fairly quick. I had a chance to witness history. The Phillies have never swept a team in the history of playoff baseball. Granted, it was only a 5 game series, but a sweep is a sweep and there was one big broom.

As Cincinnati packed into Great American Ballpark last night, a banner was lowered over the balcony. It read, “We still believe!” I’m sorry for your loss, I truly am, but there can only be one dominant team wearing red. That team is the Phillies.

Philadelphia capped off the series with a complete game shutout from Cole Hamels who let up only 5 hits and no walks for a 2-0 victory. It was great to watch history in the making. Strike out after strike out. 9 guys were fanned last night. As the kids on the playground would say, “Who turned on the air conditioner?”

Now all the Phillies have to do is wait for the other NLDS series to finish. The Atlanta Braves against the San Fransisco Giants. I must say, things are about to get a little ugly. If San Fransisco wins, the Phillies will be up against the second best pitching lineup in the playoffs now. If the Braves win, they go up against their division rivals, and we all know, anything can happen in a divisional match-up. So folks, keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers, do whatever it is that helps you sleep at night, because in a few days the NLCS will begin and things are going to get heated.

Who would you rather be pitted up against and why? I’d like to know your take on the circumstances brought upon us.

2 Responses to “Hamels Crushes the Reds’ Hopes”
  1. Lorraine says:

    Looks like you’ll be up against those Giants. 🙂

    I love baseball something awful, but as a Florida girl, I’m rooting for the Rays! I can’t wait for tonight’s game.

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