Todays Show is Brought to You by the Number 38 and the Letter Double D.

I open up Google Chrome and Yahoo, my homepage, displays. One of the top stories was this. Sesame Street: Smell Like a Monster. My first reaction, “Okay, what has Sesame Street done now?

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago, Katy Perry was supposed to appear on Sesame Street as part of their idea of keeping up with the times(More like making this show tolerable for adults.) A segment in which she wore an outfit that parents complained was “too sexy” for kids, was cut from a recent taping of the show. Well, on the season premier of Saturday Night Live, she was scheduled as the host and in one of the skits, she came out wearing a low-cut shirt featuring the face of Elmo and a short plaid skirt. This was an obvious attempt at “poking” fun at the whole scandal.

Continue past the jump for videos and more.

Here goes the original taped skit that never appeared on Sesame Street:

Here goes the SNL parody:

I think it’s great that she decided to poke fun at the situation. What was even better was that Amy Poehler was involved. I think the woman has great amounts of talent.

With that said, Sesame Street has taken its turn with a parody of its own. I’m sure you’ve seen the Old Spice commercial with the Man on the Horse. if not, click here.(I don’t wanna load this post up with too many videos.) Well, Grover has his own promotion, but it’s for the word “On”. This is a must see for anyone who either a) likes the old spice commercials, b) anyone who has children and watches Sesame Street along with them, or c) anyone who remembers watching Sesame Street as a kid.

This is a prime example of how Sesame Street is what kids should be watching when they’re young. Not only does it teach them lots of important things, but it also teaches them in a fun way.

5 Responses to “Todays Show is Brought to You by the Number 38 and the Letter Double D.”
  1. Amy says:

    OMG that Sesame Street clip is so awesome! I loved that show as a kid. They were a pioneer in children’s programming and continue to be the best today.

    • TonyVote says:

      I used to watch the show all the time as a kid as well. I definitely think more kids should be watching sesame street and other PBS programming instead of this garbage on nickelodeon now-a-days.

  2. whatsnormality says:

    Ha! That is absolutely hilarious, you would think she would at least have the common sense to realize that young children don’t necessarily need to see such a low cut top with such high nip-slip potential.

    However, with the amount of babysitting I do and watching countless kid shows, perhaps a celebrity appearance would make it more tolerable. God help those who actually have children of their own!

    • TonyVote says:

      Yeah, she definitely should have had the decency to cover up a little more. In that outfit though, the nip slip probability wasn’t that high since she had a skin colored mesh top that went to her neck. and you’re totally right, god bless those who actually have kids. Although, with the amount of pop culture references, they’re making things a little more tolerable.

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