Stupid News Sunday

A popular news anchor in Finland was canned after he was caught on air swigging beer after delivering a story on licensing laws. Kimmo Wilska was caught spilling the golden elixer on his suit when they came back from a commercial break. He claimed it was a gag for the backstage crew. The least he could have done was learn from some college frat boys. Put the beer/liquor in a colored plastic cup. They don’t know that you’ve got alcohol in there. Well, Unless they can smell it of course. Ron Burgandy would be proud!


Wisconsin almost had itself a naked bride. A woman’s wedding dress was stolen from the storage facility she was keeping it in. Police were tipped off when she found her dress listed on Craig’s List. Officers posed as a buyer and nabbed the crook. Now, what in your right mind would make you put a stolen item on Craig’s List? Don’t you know that’s one of the first places they check for stolen items these days. Craig’s List and eBay are the places that post stupid criminals try to sell their stolen goods. 9 times out of 10, they’re caught as they try to make the sale.


An 82-year-old woman running late for an appointment got a $1,103 traffic ticket for doing 28 mph over her age on Thursday, Oregon State Police said. Her excuse, “I was really late for an appointment”, didn’t quite cut it. From here on out, think twice when that Used Car Salesman tries to tell you that “It was only driven by a little old lady to church on Sunday.”

A teenager in Virginia was busted for shoplifting from a Halloween costume store. Instead of pressing charges, the shop owner decided a more fitting punishment would be to make the kid stand outside of the store in a Bert costume while holding a sign that said he was a shoplifter. He did this for six hours over a two day period. The unnamed teen will not have this go on his permanent record, which was kind on the store owners part. He will however be scarred for life and definitely learned the kind of lesson you would from watching Sesame Street. Remember when I talked about Sesame Street in an earlier post and stated how kids can learn the most from watching it instead of the other garbage that’s out there? Well, this kid must not have been allowed to watch television when he was younger.


Edible “dirt” has recently appeared on the menus of several of the world’s most renowned restaurants (e.g., the top-rated Noma in Copenhagen, Shakuf in Tel Aviv, Gilt in New York City). “People are really wowed to see dirt on their plates,” said Gilt’s head chef. Actually, the “dirt” only looks and feels like dirt. Each chef creates signature tastes from dried or charred powders with the appearance and consistency of sand, soil or ash — from a base of plants, vegetables or eggs, or even dried beer. Said a reviewer, “These chefs are reminding people where food actually comes from.” I wonder if anyone out there realizes that you can get all the dirt you want….for free? Why would anyone in their right mind want anything that tastes so dry and bland…


5 Responses to “Stupid News Sunday”
  1. whatsnormality says:

    Any unfortunate toddlers who’s mothers have prohibited them from putting dirt in their mouths will be pleased to hear of this edible dirt… I think it’s just plain weird. Anything that has the same texture as sand or dirt probably shouldn’t be in a renowned restaurant.

  2. mct88 says:

    LOL, this is insane. Haha. I LOVE IT!

    I have a lot of catch up reading to do on your blog!

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Edible dirt….my family has said that this is what best descibes my cooking on most nights….

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