The Most Epic Blog Post

Alright, so, maybe that wasn’t the best title for this post.  You: See what happens when you start your posts with a title? No, I actually didn’t start with that, I actually did a search for it on Google but it came up with everything but “How to write an epic blog post.” I even tried it without quotation marks.







See!? This is my awesome[read: epic] blog post I promised last night. I was gone for just about a week, I had to come back with a bang!

Set of Interviews.

A buddy of mine called me yesterday and told me that he had sent me an email with the link a set of interviews with SF Giant’s Closer, Brian Wilson*. He claimed “This video freaked me the F*&% out” as his title. So, upon first watch the first video was a rather funny, followed by a disturbing video which in turn makes the first video sound a bit more disturbing itself. Now, I was sober in every bit of the sense. I watched the video Sunday morning before work. There is in no possible way that I was inebriated or hung over Sunday at 7AM. I just don’t like to put myself in those situations. I had 2 very bad experiences with being hung over and then working a 10 hour shift. But I digress. I watched this video sober, my buddy was baked. When I say baked, I mean, he got to the point where he smoked so much bud that he coughed because he filled his lungs up way past capacity and started to choke. Now, I don’t know if any of you out there have smoked to this point, by accident, out there, but I know from watching him that he was really really stoned. Regardless, I was really surprised at how disturbing it was.


Crazy Joaquin Phoenix


In case you didn’t know: Machine is a porn star who stars in various of the “Violent Pornographic films” A.K.A Snuff films, that the Private Investigator is trying to penetrate and shut down. The film he actually stars in is called 8mm and features the likes of Nicholas Cage, James Gandolfini and a “pre-grow-my-hair-out-and-go-crazy” Joaquin Phoenix. I couldn’t find any pictures of Machine**, but this should give you an idea(skip to 3:55 for the Machine). What ever happens, if you do a You Tube search for Machine from 8mm, don’t click on the one that is titled “Machine from 8mm“. (click on it if you’re feeling adventurous.)[Footage of either “Machine” are NSFW)

Oh, by the way. As you all know, Thoughts Appear, has declared it Halloween Week. Here goes my scare for the day. Enjoy!

*If I were “the Machine” which Brian Wilson is referring to, I would definitely take Eddie Murphy’s house over that $35 million dollar glass house any day.

**Chris Brauer, who play’s as the Machine, is also Sheriff Andy Belfleur of HBO’s True Blood. I guess he enjoys being in creepy movies/shows.

2 Responses to “The Most Epic Blog Post”
  1. whatsnormality says:

    I’m just going to say that the picture in the header of this post had me questioning it pretty fast, and as I read, several family members who walked by questioned my sanity.

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