A Few Spooky Tunes

It’s hard to follow Amy‘s guest post “How to Make the Perfect Halloween Mix Tape” but I’m gonna give it a shot. Seen or heard any spooky tunes lately? Let me know, but for now, check these spooky tunes out.

First up, we’ve got Waxx Maxx. This group is a project of Mark Mallman. Mallman, if you don’t know who he is(I don’t expect you to, unless you live in Minnesota) is a singer/songwriter who accomplished the feat of performing a 72 hour song. That’s right. He went on to perform a song that lasted for three days. The song had 576 pages of lyrics. Here’s his Halloween song titled “Eaten Alive

Next up we’ve got Jeremy Messersmith. Here’s another one from Minnesota, total coincidence I promise. He’s a pop singer that shows resemblance of Simon and Garfunkel with a newer, more hip attitude. I was never a fan of S&G but I can dig this guy. Here’s a video of his song “Organ Donor”. I could totally picture this song on an episode of Scooby Doo or something. It’s just so eerie.

Here’s a song from a Chicago independent rock band Pinto and the Bean. This video was shot entirely using an iPhone4. You would’ve never guessed had I never told you. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty spooky video and song. check it out!

Don’t go eating all your Halloween candy in one day. Unless your dad’s a dentist.

And just because I love zombies, here’s another picture.


Get your dollar's worth!



One Response to “A Few Spooky Tunes”
  1. Thanks for posting the video! The rest of these are pretty spooky too!

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