A Lesson Learned

Last night I received a call from my beloved Reese while I was at work. She informed me that our local bar was having a Halloween party along with the regular Karaoke.
After work we headed over to the bar, her dressed as a lumberjack and me as a Pizza Delivery guy(it’s not far from my actual occupation do it’s sort of cheating, but I was informed last minute and had no time to prepare.) I ended up singing “Jump” by Kriss Kross, “Build Me Up, Buttercup.” by the Foundations. I did a better job on the latter.
On our way home we got pulled over(no I wasn’t drunk, don’t worry) because of my expired registration. The cop comes to the window, stating why he pulled me over and then says, “Oh, hey Tony! Drive safe, have a good night.” How in the world did I pull that one off you ask? Well it just so happens that the police officers are constantly eating at my establishment and we always provide the best hospitality. Reese proceeds to get a bit agitated because had it happened to her, she would have a nice expensive ticket. I didn’t quite know what to say after that. Needless to say, I’ll be registering my car tomorrow.
Have you ever been in this situation?

4 Responses to “A Lesson Learned”
  1. Amy says:

    A lot of my husband’s former drinking buddies from high school are not police officers. This has kept him from getting in trouble on more than one occasion!

  2. I’m glad you knew the police officer.

    It’s so awesome that you did Jump. I *may* have worn my pants backwards to school one day in middle school.

    • TonyVote says:

      Yeah, I was real lucky. The DJ worked in my song so well too. Right beforeme, these two girls performed “Shoop” and then I went. Oh and I *may* have worn a pair of overalls backward to school as a kid. Lol. Kriss Kross’ album “Totally Krossed Out” was the the first cassette tape I ever bought with my own money.

    • TonyVote says:

      I just have to remember to wait until after I attempt that song before I drink. I definitely could keep up with some of the lyrics. I just need to practice for next time.

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