Happy Halloween

Fellow blog friends, let me start things off by wishing you all a Happy and safe, Halloween. Don’t get into too much trouble out there.

Secondly, I’d like to take some time out to apologize to you, my wonderful blog family. I started my new semester of school last Tuesday, and before that, my internet was shut off for some unforeseen reason. On top of that, I’ve got some personal issues that I’m dealing with, so I’m trying to keep myself from breaking down. I need to keep my spirits high. With that said, here’s a cute cat video!

Everyone likes ninjas, well, maybe not everyone, but everyone does like kittens. How can you not? They’re so cute and cuddly. When they do stupid things they’re even more adorable. This one goes to extreme lengths to prove that all cats love boxes and have that burning desire to find out what’s inside. Here goes another ninja cat.

I guess that one took some lessons from Jackie Chan. My guess is that there was a bird hanging from that final beam he landed on. Why else would he want to be up there? Curiosity? Then there are times when you were so glad you had a kitten. Times where you almost wish it were your actual child.

See, 3 stupid kittens. But they’re so freakin adorable. Another prime example of a cat’s undying love for boxes. You’ve also got the classic cat videos, such as this one…

and this one…

Those two clips will never get old. Some videos will just have that ability where when you show it to a friend, it’s still funny each and every time.


Kitty Carved Pumpkin



To finish things off with a bang, since I’m in the Halloween spirit. Here goes a cat that you would not want to cross paths with, and no, it’s not a black cat.

4 Responses to “Happy Halloween”
  1. Amy says:

    Nuthin like kittens to make you laugh and brighten your day. Hope you have a great Halloween!

  2. sittingpugs says:

    I Cat-O-Lantern!

    I like the new look of the blog.

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