Party Time is Over

I talked about my Public Speaking class recently, and I figured I’d give you guys a glimpse at how I’m doing. This here is the first speech I gave, which everyone pretty much enjoyed. Our topic was “A ‘Most Influencial’ Person in Your Life”. The only critical comment I received from a student was that they wanted to know a little more about my wife and how she inspires me. I actually realized this during my last practice run through before I went to class. You could really tell that I practiced the speech because the flow was so smooth and the rate at which I spoke was neither too slow or too fast.(Something the teacher really keeps an eye on.) In fact, when I gave my second presentation, the teacher actually noted, “What happened? You did such a good job on your first speech but then you seemed to have lost yourself in this one.”

Party Time is Over

By: Tony Vote

Who here likes to party? I’m sure that just about every student in this classroom does, or has partied, in the past. While this isn’t a university where students can live on campus in dorms or group apartments, I’m sure many of you have more freedom now that you’re out of high school. As humans, we tend to find ways to have fun and occupy ourselves during our free time. With our new-found freedom, we tend to go to parties, stay out late, etcetera, etcetera. Does this sound like something you’ve gone through, or have heard about?

All of the partying and late night hangouts were my downfall. After graduating, I partied, and I partied HARD. Instead of concentrating on school and getting things done right away, I’d hang out with the guys after class, and then go to work.  I had no direction in my life. I needed a positive influence in my life, and that is where my lovely wife comes in.

I started dating her right out of high school, but we weren’t that serious. It wasn’t until about a year after high school, that we started going steady. Eventually we grew real close and this is where she started to become concerned with the way my life was headed. She told me that if I didn’t get my act together, I’d end up losing her. I didn’t want that.

I enjoyed the companionship of this fine young woman and I wanted to keep things the way they were. So, I had to make some changes, and make them fast.

To make a long story short, I got full-time job working or my parents in their little luncheonette and started looking at toward my career. July of this year, I enrolled in DeVry and here I am. This was the kind of influence I needed. Sure, its fun to let loose every now and then and party, but don’t let it take over your life. Find the balance between your social life and school and you’ll have no problems whatsoever.

Day 03 — Your favorite television program

So, I realize I’m slacking with this challenge. It’s okay though, because it’s my blog. My favorite television program is Dexter. The show is amazing. For those of you that have never seen nor heard about Dexter, he’s a serial killer whose victims are people who deserve to die according to his adoptive father’s code. When he was a child he saw his mother get killed right before his own eyes. Granted he was just a baby, but even then it can mentally scar a child. And it did. Dexter adopts a “normal life” working for Miami PD’s homicide division as a blood spatter analyst. This gives him all the tools he needs to find the bad guys and cover up his tracks with precision. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I suggest you check it out. They’re currently running new episodes in season 5 but you can easily find earlier episodes on either Hulu or Netflix. I would suggest watching the first 2 seasons before continuing any further. Skip the third season if you wish, but make sure you watch the 4th season because I believe it’s the best one so far. John Lithgow is an amazing serial killer in that season.

[After searching for a good picture of Dexter and looking at the name spelled in all caps among hundreds of photos, the name DEXTER looks really weird. Is it just me? Please tell me I’m not going crazy.]

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