A Black Ops Takeover

On November 9th, Call of Duty: Black Ops usurped Modern Warfare 2’s record sales of 4.7 Million copies sold. Day 1 sales for Black Ops totaled 5.6 million units, or $360 Million. I must admit, I contributed to their profits. Normally I don’t buy video games on their release day but my wife surprised me and pre-ordered it. BIG MISTAKE!

All this slacker has done is play this game. We’re supposed to be packing up for our move on December 1st but what have I been doing? You guessed it, playing Black Ops. Reese get’s pissed occasionally but she knows it’s only a phase. Hopefully it won’t last too long.

Hard Core Gamer

Me when I was younger.(Not actually me, but you get the point)

Overall though, the game has great playability either online or offline. Treyarch, the game’s developer, brought back the ever-so-famous Nazi Zombies introduced in Call of Duty: World at War(which was my favorite), only this time, you don’t have to beat the game to unlock it. If you so choose, you can go straight into the Zombie game mode and blow up zombies round after round. I believe it’s endless, I’ve only survived 7 rounds though. There are 3 different maps on which you can blow up zombies: Kinder Der Toten, which comes pre-loaded, “Five”, which takes place in the Pentagon but is unlockable when you complete the campaign mode, and Dead Ops, which is unlockable through a cheat code via the computer in the main menu.

To access the computer, which I mentioned earlier, you must alternate pressing the fire button, and the alternate fire button.  Then, you walk around the TV monitors where the computer is located. Once you access the computer, you have various options but for the sake of this post’s length, if you enter “Dead Ops” it will unlock the map of the same name for the Zombie game mode.

Most of the time I’ll play either multiplayer or Zombies. I find killing zombies to be the most entertaining though. All in all, if you’re pressed for money, I’d say the game is worth waiting until the price drops to buy it, or find it used at your local Game Stop.

2 Responses to “A Black Ops Takeover”
  1. My son spends every free minute killing zombies on his XBOX 360…….. When I try it, I get killed in less than 30 seconds every freakin time…

  2. whatsnormality says:

    i read on fail book somewhere a quote about COD. One guy wrote this on his friend’s wall.

    “Man, I just bought MW2, and I know I have just cock-blocked both of us for the next 3 weeks by saying that, but it’s going to be awesome.”

    A guy I used to date had issues with this game as well. Had to talk to him a few times about it.
    example phone conversation:

    *me, thinking he’s listening.*- “… blah blah… blah… and so yeah, we should go see Ironman this weekend, dad says it was good.. blah blah….”

    *him discreetly*- “cok suka..”


    “NO IM NOT”


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