Do Men Enjoy the Chase?

Today I discovered a cheap and easy way to make money. Amazon Mechanical Turk. Basically, the website, which is owned by Amazon, has companies come to them with specific tasks that they need done. Some are very easy by only pay you 2 cents completed and approved task. While others that take up more of your time and require more knowledge, pay you upwards to about $1.50 per task. Now, “that’s chump change”, you may say, but there is no limit to how many of these things you do and if you apply yourself you could be making about $5 an hour just sitting at your computer screen.

One of the tasks I’ve come across was a to write blog posts. What these companies do with the blog posts you write, I have no idea. They give you a topic and ask you to write a fun and friendly blog post about it in the space provided by them on the webpage. I thought to myself, I’m already a blogger, why not make some extra cash. My first topic was “Do men enjoy chasing women while flirting? How unavailable is too much?” Here goes my response:

I, for one, can vouch for myself, and only myself. I can only imagine though, that other men out there “enjoy the chase” when it comes to women. It’s fairly simple. You don’t have to work too hard at it and when the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with getting the result you were chasing after is pure bliss. It may be the reward at the end, or it may just be the fact that most men desire what is not theirs.

Chasing a girl is partially about getting to know that women you’re after. Females will purposely keep a good distance between the two of you for a few reasons. Women don’t let their guards down easily and secondly, they know when a man wants them. They’ll keep themselves unavailable to a certain extent just to see what you’re made of. Some women will be so unavailable that you won’t even be able to get their phone number. This is when you know they’re not interested though.

I leave you with a message, my fellow men, If a woman doesn’t seem interested but she’s flirting, go for it. If she doesn’t seem interested and keeps changing subjects, don’t go for it. It’s more complicated than that, but this should get you started.

5 Responses to “Do Men Enjoy the Chase?”
  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    My wife says if I heed your advice, she will kill me. Thanks for the info though 🙂

    • TonyVote says:

      Well, the advice is mainly for men trying to pick up women and is strongly advised against for those who have a steady woman in their life. So, yes idiot, your wife would be correct just like usual.

  2. I was hoping you’d say men don’t enjoy the chase because I know I hate running.

  3. Todd says:

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