4 Musicians You Should Know

What’s the first thing you think of when listening to a new song?

If you said anything besides “It’s got a catchy beat”, I might not believe you. When most people listen to music for the first time and not change the channel/disc, it’s because the song has a good beat to it. After that though, what keeps us wanting more? It’s how much of the music you can relate to. I’ve been fortunate enough to know a few musicians personally. Whether it’s because I worked with them at one point or I went to school with them. I can only hope for the best when I find out a friend/co-worker is in a band. It’s pretty amazing that they were able to pursue their dreams.

I went to high school with Joy Daniels. When we graduated, she went on to Berkley and studied music. Throughout high school, she was involved in anything music related(Band, Choir). I think the fact that she knows music theory and can basically pick up on any instrument, will help in attaining her goals. She goes by the name of Joy. You can find her music on her website

Next up is my boy Mikey-Mo. Some of you may know him, he goes by the name “Jersey” now-a-days. He’s in a pop-punk band called Hey Monday. Throughout high school he had band, “At A Glance”. I still remember some of their lyrics. I was a total fanboy. I mean, when you’re in high school or junior high and you really start getting into music, you could only dream of knowing someone that’s in a band, right? Well, after high school he worked and went to school. Later I find, back when Myspace was around, that he was in a band which was under Pete Wentz’ record label(The guy from Fall Out Boy). “This was huge” I thought to myself. It didn’t hurt that their lead singer is a female. That’s one of my weak points. I love bands with female lead singers.

This is their new song “Candles” which was also performed on Glee last week.

The next two bands I know from having worked with one of the band members. It’s fun working with a guy and knowing he’s in a band that performs live in front of thousands of people. It’s no big deal to me because I’ve known these guys since before they were in a band.

Narayan is the first of the two, I met their drummer while working with him. He’s an awesome guy. Definitely never a dull moment when he’s around, and if you ever run into him, just bring up the topic of tattoos, he loves them and has many. You can check em out some more on their website as well as buy their music here.

Last, but not least, we have Amber Blues. They’re more of a local band then anything. They’ve never really been able to get huge but they do have a strong following. I worked with Dave, who plays bass, at our local YMCA back in ’02 I believe. I think it’s safe to say that their band has been together since then if not before then. These guys have jammed since I can remember. They put out some really great artistic music. Unfortunately, I can’t post a You Tube video of them, but you can listen to their music and check out more over at their website here.


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