26 of the Best Tweets Ever(Part 3)

Hey, Hey, Hey! Welcome back to an exciting extension to “26 of the BEST TWEETS EVER!” Like before, since this is Part 3 of 4, I’d suggest you go take a look at Part 1, and Part 2.  Without further ado, I bring to you….Part 3 of [26 of the BEST TWEETS EVER]

M: Mos Def

I heard Justin Bieber has a 10 inch dick, but its in his ass and belongs to Usher

[Now, I had to link to the actual tweet here. I needed to supply the correct proof.]

N:  Neil Patrick Harris (

I’m a grown man. I’m 37 years old. And yet, I still giggle when anyone says the word ‘duty’. Why is that?


Man I’m waking up feeling great, it don’t matter what anybody says but this damn mirror don’t lie, I look good than a mothafucka,shit!!!!!


There is only one Friday the 13th this year, and it’s in August! So I replaced my Mr. T cereal this morning with Lucky Charms.


idk what’s more surreal – judy blume being on twitter (@judyblume) or my finding out this fact via @questlove.

R: R Kelly

In order to be remembered you have to do something unforgettable.


Steven Tyler shops in the Funky Mom section


If you haven’t checked out some of her tweets by now, Sarah Silverman has some pretty funny things to share. Do yourself a favor…

Folks, thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to comment on your favorites or maybe just let me know what should’ve been on my list. Make sure to stop by tomorrow for the grand finale of 26 of the BEST TWEETS EVER and another wacky installment of the TOP VIRAL VIDEOS of the week.

3 Responses to “26 of the Best Tweets Ever(Part 3)”
  1. viddernasman says:

    That tweet about Steven Tyler… I bet it’s true.

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