Top 6 Viral Videos of the Week

Every Monday I bring the best viral videos of the week all in one place.

Week of March 21-27

6. Android on Crack…

I was really waiting/hoping for someone to join along with him/her…

5. DelDOT removes Basketball Hoops

This is horrible. I had to include this because something needs to be done about this. If anyone has further information, please let me know.

4. Chat Roulette Love Song

This video is more than likely on the list because the song is so funny and sweet. Call me a sap, go ahead.

3. First Person Mario

Mario was by far one of my favorite video games when I was little if not my favorite. This video is kinda trippy though…

2. Emerson – Mommy’s nose is scary!

I would hate to see this kids reaction to his father passing gas.

1. A Day Made of Glass

As I’m compiling my list here, I ran across this video. HOLY SHIT! I need one of those mirrors and TV Screens. Could you imagine the possibilities?


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