Top Ten WTF Movies Part 2

Here I am, standing here holding onto what seems to be a post that you’ve wanted for about a week now. Part 2, of my Top Ten WTF Movies. 5. Dead Man’s Shoes A man and his mentally impaired brother are camping out in what appears to be the slums of England, when the older … Continue reading

A South Philly Indoctrination

Recently, I reached the milestone of 3,000 views. To celebrate, I’ve asked renowned blogger The Idiot, to do a guest post. Heck, who am I kidding, I was too busy playing Call of Duty: Black Ops(PS3) after class today and couldn’t muster up a blog post so I brought in an equally substantial replacement. Thanks Mark! … Continue reading

10 WTF Pictures to Make You ROFL

In case you’re wondering, ROFL stands for Rolling On the Floor Laughing. Here on the internets it is used to emphasize the fact that something is really funny. I’ve got a suggestion….Why not say that something is “really funny”? People of the current generation are way too involved with technology if you ask me. Too … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus Takes Lessons from Britney and Boy George

It seems like Miley Cyrus is following in Britney Spears’ foot steps. Her new video, “Can’t Be Tamed”, reminds me of Britney’s video “You Drive Me Crazy” mixed with “Circus” or any of her other risqué videos. I feel that maybe both her and Britney should do a video together some day. While the height of … Continue reading

Don’t Just Stand There, Bust A Move

Here goes a challenge I believe I can accomplish. I may need a little help from you all to kick my but if I forget to update with the challenge. Anyway, for those who want to know, the 30 day challenge consists of writing about a set topic everyday. For a list of the topics, … Continue reading

30-Day TV Challenge

I was checking out tumblr when I came across this awesome idea. The 30 Day TV Challenge. I’m probably not going to do it since I don’t watch enough TV, but here it goes for you TV watchers. Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled Day 02 – A show that you … Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Fellow blog friends, let me start things off by wishing you all a Happy and safe, Halloween. Don’t get into too much trouble out there. Secondly, I’d like to take some time out to apologize to you, my wonderful blog family. I started my new semester of school last Tuesday, and before that, my internet … Continue reading

A Lesson Learned

Last night I received a call from my beloved Reese while I was at work. She informed me that our local bar was having a Halloween party along with the regular Karaoke. After work we headed over to the bar, her dressed as a lumberjack and me as a Pizza Delivery guy(it’s not far from … Continue reading

The Most Epic Blog Post

Alright, so, maybe that wasn’t the best title for this post.  You: See what happens when you start your posts with a title? No, I actually didn’t start with that, I actually did a search for it on Google but it came up with everything but “How to write an epic blog post.” I even … Continue reading

So You’re Stuck! Now, what?

So, this isn’t the explanation post or the awesome post I promised, but I figured I would give you a chance to get to know me a bit. I’m waiting on a friend to call me back, and I have some time to kill. So, here goes nothin. A good blog friend of mine, Marlize … Continue reading

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