To “Unfriend” or Not? (via Shameless Moxie)

I wish more people had this train of thought! A very well-written post, that I think everyone should read, even after it’s off the front page. ‘Unfriend’ is defined as a verb which means “to remove somebody as a ‘friend’ from a social networking site like Facebook.  For those of you worried about a social … Continue reading

Kevin Kolb’s Possible Resurgence, Utley Joins “Jeter School of Acting”

Not many people in Philadelphia are ready to give Kevin Kolb another shot. Philadelphia is notorious for wanting the back-up QB as their starter. Take the situation with Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia a few years back. McNabb wasn’t performing that well which made fans want the Eagles to play Garcia. They got their wish. … Continue reading

Nostalgia: Songs I Miss(Video Game Edition) [Part 2]

Alright folks, like I promised, Part 2 of Nostalgia: Songs I Miss(Video Game Edition) is here. You can check out part one here. 5. Rob Zombie – Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Mix) (1998) For months and months, I played this game trying to become an elite racer just to realize that I was only good … Continue reading

Red-Rock Mountain part 1(draft)

On a cold, stormy night, 5 friends got together with hopes of enjoying a fun-filled weekend together in Austin’s parents’ log cabin up in the mountains. Jazz brought the booze, Charlene brought all of her mix tapes and her boom box. The other 3 were in charge of food, pillows and blankets, not that they … Continue reading

“He’d be turning in his grave if he were alive today.”

The statement in the title is recognized as an Irish Bull. To put it in plain english, it’s an oxymoron. There are many quotes like this, people use phrases like it very often. That’s not why I bring it up though. My Irish Bull, has a different meaning. While on my honeymoon, I stopped by … Continue reading

New, Movie Oriented Blog

I’ve started a new blog, to keep my movie related posts separate. You can find it here. I hope you’ll enjoy the movie news and reviews to come.

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