Top 6 Viral Videos of the Week

Every Monday I bring the best viral videos of the week all in one place. Week of March 21-27 6. Android on Crack… I was really waiting/hoping for someone to join along with him/her… 5. DelDOT removes Basketball Hoops This is horrible. I had to include this because something needs to be done about this. … Continue reading

A Black Ops Takeover

On November 9th, Call of Duty: Black Ops usurped Modern Warfare 2’s record sales of 4.7 Million copies sold. Day 1 sales for Black Ops totaled 5.6 million units, or $360 Million. I must admit, I contributed to their¬†profits. Normally I don’t buy video games on their release day but my wife surprised me and … Continue reading

7 Things I’ve Learned as a Gaming Spouse

Growing up, I played a lot of video games. Free time meant playing the latest Burnout video game or Madden. Even though my little bro always beat me in Madden(and still does), I will hold the honor of the fact that he has never kept me scoreless. As I started going steady with the women … Continue reading

Just a Memo

I figured that I would take the time to let everyone know that my blog name has changed. So, for anyone who has me in their blog roll, or blog croissant as some like to call it, take the time to change the name of my blog manually if you need to do so. I … Continue reading

Nostalgia: Songs I Miss(Video Game Edition) [Part 2]

Alright folks, like I promised, Part 2 of Nostalgia: Songs I Miss(Video Game Edition) is here. You can check out part one here. 5. Rob Zombie – Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Mix) (1998) For months and months, I played this game trying to become an elite racer just to realize that I was only good … Continue reading

Nostalgia: Songs I Miss(Video Game Edition)[part 1]

Back by popular demand, I bring to you, the second installment of a new blog series: Nostalgia. Good thing you’re catching on now, because you’re in for a trip down memory lane. I’m gonna take you by in my ¬†’87 Cutlass Supreme (A.K.A. the car that wouldn’t die) so fast you may want to re-visit. … Continue reading

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