Do Men Enjoy the Chase?

Today I discovered a cheap and easy way to make money. Amazon Mechanical Turk. Basically, the website, which is owned by Amazon, has companies come to them with specific tasks that they need done. Some are very easy by only pay you 2 cents completed and approved task. While others that take up more of … Continue reading

New Artist Profile: The Naked and Famous

First off, what a catchy band name…”The Naked and Famous” Not only is that sure to attract attention but it is also short and sweet. The band is neither naked nor quite famous, YET! The Naked and Famous come straight out of nasty New Zealand.[NZers I’m not saying you’re nasty, it was just catchy…gimme a … Continue reading


Hello everyone, I’m officially back! Wow, it has been one crazy start to the New Year. I figured I’d use this post to update you on a few things in no particular order… My marriage almost ended…yes that’s right. It did just begin on August 7th of last year but things were a little hectic … Continue reading

Let’s End Things on a Good Note

So folks, I’m back. At least for now. It’s been a rough month of December and thankfully, it’s almost over. Two more days left in the year. I sure hope that these last two days will be better than the previous 29. You know what they say, “The way you end the year is typically … Continue reading

Temporary Departure

Yes, you read the title right. I’m leaving temporarily. There’s so much going on in my life right now to be able to keep up with a blog. I could keep you busy for months if I wrote about what was going on in my life, but then that would hinder me actually taking care … Continue reading

A Black Ops Takeover

On November 9th, Call of Duty: Black Ops usurped Modern Warfare 2’s record sales of 4.7 Million copies sold. Day 1 sales for Black Ops totaled 5.6 million units, or $360 Million. I must admit, I contributed to their profits. Normally I don’t buy video games on their release day but my wife surprised me and … Continue reading

Do You Have What It Takes???

According to Jimmy Kimmel, today is National Unfriend Day. Jimmy says that you should unfriend the following people: Anyone you wouldn’t give your phone number to – unfriend. Anyone who has your phone number but every time they call you let it go right to voicemail – unfriend. The annoying people. The overposters. Your mom. Your aunt. … Continue reading

Party Time is Over

I talked about my Public Speaking class recently, and I figured I’d give you guys a glimpse at how I’m doing. This here is the first speech I gave, which everyone pretty much enjoyed. Our topic was “A ‘Most Influencial’ Person in Your Life”. The only critical comment I received from a student was that … Continue reading

Top Ten WTF Movies Part 2

Here I am, standing here holding onto what seems to be a post that you’ve wanted for about a week now. Part 2, of my Top Ten WTF Movies. 5. Dead Man’s Shoes A man and his mentally impaired brother are camping out in what appears to be the slums of England, when the older … Continue reading

A South Philly Indoctrination

Recently, I reached the milestone of 3,000 views. To celebrate, I’ve asked renowned blogger The Idiot, to do a guest post. Heck, who am I kidding, I was too busy playing Call of Duty: Black Ops(PS3) after class today and couldn’t muster up a blog post so I brought in an equally substantial replacement. Thanks Mark! … Continue reading

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