No Time for Change, Yet…

I say go with your gut and what makes you comfortable but I agree with Amy. Traffic is traffic. Sure, would it be ideal that everyone who stumbled upon our blogs were there because they sought us out and what we had to say on a specific topic? Absolutely but think of this….some of the … Continue reading

Time for a Change?

So, over the past few days I’ve come to a few conclusions: 1) that I need to remove all references of “The Cheeky Girls” or “Cheeky Girls” from my blog, 2) that I need to change the name of my blog from “Life As We Know It…” And c) that my blog has lacked some … Continue reading

“Tossed” from the Cheer Leading Squad

When you think of a little girl, say around ages 6-9, what’s the first thing that pops to mind in relation to every day activities? I’d have to go with playing in the playground, watching cartoons, taking part on the cheer leading squad, playing with barbies/dolls, etc. I’m not a female, so I really don’t … Continue reading

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