Live, Love, Hope

Live, Love, Hope… Hope that you’ll never have to go through what I have and most certainly others have. Live your life like tomorrow may not come for no one truly knows if it will or not. Love the one’s who share your love even those who don’t. For how they feel you may never … Continue reading

It’s Not Even 6am and I’ve Already Got a Thought Process

I am not one to wake up this early. Normally I sleep until about 10:30, which is probably what I should be doing now. Although there are certain circumstances which prevent me from retreating back into my slumber.

I’m not aware of what time my fiance set her alarms for us to wake up to.
Reason for alarms being that we have to do laundry today.
Then she has an appointment with the eye doctor at 12ish, which is about a half hour away.
Needless to say, we need to be up early. I am not one that awakens easily in the morning. She’ll(my fiance) try just about everything to wake me up before 10:30 and on most days it just will not work. So, my logic is that since I already woke up to go to the bathroom, I may as well stay up, sacrifice some sleep, so that she doesn’t have a hard time waking me up. It’s a kind gesture right?

18 days left until my funeral wedding. 🙂

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