Happy Halloween

Fellow blog friends, let me start things off by wishing you all a Happy and safe, Halloween. Don’t get into too much trouble out there. Secondly, I’d like to take some time out to apologize to you, my wonderful blog family. I started my new semester of school last Tuesday, and before that, my internet … Continue reading

A Lesson Learned

Last night I received a call from my beloved Reese while I was at work. She informed me that our local bar was having a Halloween party along with the regular Karaoke. After work we headed over to the bar, her dressed as a lumberjack and me as a Pizza Delivery guy(it’s not far from … Continue reading

The World’s Gonna End!

Well, not really, but that’s what many scientists have thought for that last few centuries. Yes, centuries. That wasn’t a typo. What? You thought that it was only the past couple decades that people were acting all crazy thinking the world was going to end? No, it’s been happening for hundreds of years! And guess … Continue reading

How to Make the Perfect Halloween Mix Tape

A day or two ago, I reached a milestone, 2,222 hits on my blog. With this post, I reach another milestone, my 50th post! So, to celebrate, I invited Amy, from Fix It or Deal, to be my very first guest blogger. She’s decided to follow my recent theme of Halloween with her Halloween Mix … Continue reading

Top 10 Halloween Movies

Recently, Marliz3e over at Every Girls Corner, had reached 650 comments. With that milestone, the 650th commenter was selected to be a guest blogger. I was that chosen one. So, if you don’t mind, take the time to check out that post, and while you’re there check out the rest of her blog. She’s a … Continue reading

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